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 The Torment of Dementia

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The Torment of Dementia Empty
PostSubject: The Torment of Dementia   The Torment of Dementia Icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2011 10:04 pm

Thoughts on this?

The Torment of Dementia.

What a sad sight it is to see the mental prowess of a man destroyed
by the evils of a disease.

A lifetime of mental fortitude and sharpness plucked apart
in a mere matter of months, diligently decaying until what through a lifetime
of experience became a lion is now nothing more than an infantile cub.

The sight of such a scene can surely move even the most
emotion-lacking men into tears. For with what fairness does the dictator of
life take away our most precious asset? Our knowledge, our memories, our personality,
our LIFE, yet leave our bodies behind?

Dementia is a cruel pose of ridicule that nature enacts
upon man. For does the sight of a father to his son serve him purpose if his
father does not recall who he is? Does a wife find tranquility at the sight of
her husband’s forgetfulness of how to dress, brush his teeth, or eat?

Such horrors should not exist, for life’s beauty does not
lie in the sight of a physical body, but of the brilliant mind behind it. We do
not remember individuals in history based upon their looks, but of their mind.

Socrates, Caesar, Da Vince, Machiavelli, Franklin.

These extraordinary men resound in history due to their
mental brilliance, and much like a cell without its nucleus, these men without their minds would be nothing.

Though the assassination of the mind is a terrible thing, complete
death often quells the pain of loved ones in seeing it go. Unfortunately, the
death of the mind but not that of the physical body does not always grant the
same relief. For while death signifies the end of a person’s life, the death of
the mind only signifies the end of who that person was.

It is a horrendous sight, and makes one ask why such tormentous
things are allowed to happen on Earth.

In the end though, we should understand that our world is
both cruel and beautiful. Though it may take away a man’s most prized asset, it
also allows him to have shared it with the world and leave behind memories that
will be burned inside the hearts of many.

And much like the great pyramids of Egypt, or the standing
architectures of the Ancient Roman Empire, the remnants of a former life will
serve to remind us of just how great and how purposeful that life once was.

To all the friends and family of a Dementia victim: May God
bless you and give you strength to deal with your affected loved one, for
though what you cherished most about that special person may be gone, the memories
of their life you will hold forever.
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The Torment of Dementia
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